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Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

During Alya’s 9 months-check up, I asked her pediatrician if it was possible for baby blues to come this late. I look okay, don’t I? But apparently I am not. I took a simple test and I was diagnosed being depressed, a little high.

Yeah, I guess so. I feel anxious most of the time, I doubt myself, I can be suddenly sad, I have insomnia and I explode once or twice in a month. I was told to seek out help cause it could be dangerous (here in US, it is considered very reasonable and handled very seriously). But I was a little bit hesitant.

I think no one can really help me but myself. I need to make peace with myself, I need to forgive, I need to learn to let things go, I need to meet more people, I need to build my support system and most importantly, I need to find my own happiness.

After the visit, I decided to go to the library to join baby storytelling session. I met a lot of moms there, having a chat and I felt slightly better. I went home and listened to some music and I felt happier. I talked to my husband, being brutally honest and I felt lighter. I write this post for my blog and I am relieved.

I just need a break.

Being a woman, a wife and a mom at the same time, moreover abroad, is not an easy thing to do. And I just need time to do my own thing, as a motivation to keep on going.

My home is a wreck, but I don’t care as long as I’m not a wreck. It’s okay not to be perfect.

For moms currently experiencing this, please be strong. Seek help through closest family, doctors, or from yourself first. 

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