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You have probably taken a lot of personality test before, but this one is a little bit different since they have a certain name for each different combination of traits which makes your personality. I took it a while ago and I thought the result was worth-noting and elaborate. It gives a deeper understanding on your personal traits and provides several means on how you can improve in various aspects.

I’ll share mine here, just a brief. 

Apparently, they named my type of personality as a Defender.

As you can read in the picture above, this type of personality is quite unique since it often contradicts its individual traits. So, people like me are very much introverted, however naturally social. Quite conservative but open mind. Sensitive yet very analytical.

We are also meticulous to the point of perfectionism, and though procrastinate, we can always be relied on to get the job done on time, doing everything we can to exceed expectations and delight others. However, we have a tendency to underplay our accomplishments, therefore people are likely to take advantage of our dedication and humbleness by taking the credit.

Interesting, isn’t it? Go take one for yourself here! You will be surprised at how accurate it describes your personality 🙂

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