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    Kids-friendly City

    As Alya's learning to walk and getting more and more active each day (she's currently 14 months-old), I realize she needs to channel her energy in a better environment outside home. The other reason is because I can't stand the mess she makes when we're staying all day at home. At the end of mostly every day, I will be tidying up the clothes she takes out from her cupboard, the medicines she takes out from the shelf, the refrigerator magnets she takes and spread out all over the apartment, the

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    Exploring US with baby: West Coast Part 1- Los Angeles

    Though initially feeling indifferent and just (at least) wanted to visit New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles and San Francisco while living in the US, these 'modest' wishes were instantly revised to a much longer list after I finished a summer trip to West Coast. The 16-days-trip opened up my eyes that US was so much more than those big cities. Sure, they were must-visit and coming there was like dreams-come-true, but the delight and joy I felt during the trip were mostly come from finding out

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    Memantau Indonesia dari kejauhan, saya mengamati semakin banyak orang yang berhijrah, mulai dari artis, teman, bahkan saudara, diantaranya dengan memperbaiki cara berpakaian sesuai syariat agama, rajin ikut berbagai kajian agama, dan lainnya. Di sudut apartemen di Pittsburgh, saya berkaca, betapa iman saya dalam kondisi berantakan. Shalat, mengaji, puasa. Betapa kuantitas dan kualitasnya semakin menurun. Pesan ibu saya dari dulu sama, berulang-ulang di hampir setiap telepon, Whatsapp ataupun